Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Finds!

We have been so busy trying to organize ourselves in our new home, family visiting, and the holiday that blogging was the last thing on my mind. About 2 weeks ago, Craig and I were on our way to go visit his grandma and we came in a house that had a piano sitting out front (I guess it had been sitting there for the last couple of days), so Craig and his brother Gary pushed it back home. Ya, it needs a bench, a new paint job, and some of the keys stick but I know Craig will make it looks and sound just beautiful.It's funny because the next day the local paper came out and there was an ad in it, FREE PIANO. What! So Craig called and it just so happen to be our landlord, so needless to say we now have 2 pianos and just the other one this one needs some work too.
I think in a couple of months we will have both pianos restored and sounding amazing. It will be so great to have not just 1 but 2 working pianos in the home.


Camie said...

Wow--great finds Samantha! I'm jealous. I'm dying to get a piano and what better way to do it than to get not only one, but two of them free!

Michaela said...

Nice work! Lucky finds.