Monday, July 20, 2009

Apricot Jam

This was a lot more work than I thought it would be. My mother-in-law was given an apple box half-full of yummy, delicious apricots. She told me to take a few home (a few is about 30-40 apricots), I love apricots but I couldn't eat that many, even if a wanted too they would spoil before I could. So before it got to that point I thought I would try to make some jam. I have never made jam before and always thought it required some special kind of talent and besides that, that's something my grandma does. I was amazed on how easy it really was, it just took a lot of time, maybe because I was doing it myself. All in all I think I had roughly around 175 apricots. It took about 7lbs of sugar, 6 lemons, and 4-5 hours, oh and all 175 (give or take) apricot. Right now I'm a little sick of apricot jam which really stinks because its my favorite kind of jam.
Anyways, I made 2 different kinds of apricot jam. The 1st one was freezer jam, which consisted of blanching the apricots, peeling the skins, pitting them and them pureeing them. Adding the sugar and lemon juice. Making the jelly on the stove, mixing and canning. Pretty easy.These ones will have the stay in the freezer.

The second kind of jam was over the stove. 1st I cleaned the apricots, cut them in half, pitted them. Then threw them in a large pot with some sugar and water. Cooked them until they were soft and tender, then I added the rest of the sugar and lemon juice and let it cook on low for about 45 minutes. When it was done I jarred them, they will seal themselves. These ones can go in the pantry. I made 46 half-pint jars in all.

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Connie said...

Yum! I'm coming up in a few weeks; if you're sick of apricot jam, I'll gladly take some off your hands!