Sunday, February 26, 2012


At the end of July, Craig was sent to Carson City to attend the POST Academy and to become a CAT 1 Police Officer. I would have never guessed in a million years I would be married to a cop. He was gone for 16 weeks, July 26th - November 10th. In which he missed a lot, Kayla starting 1st Grade, Kayla playing her 1st sport, Soccer, Halloween

1st day of 1st Grade
Halloween: Austin is a Park Ranger, Ashley is Cinderella, and Kayla is a bride
and ANOTHER MOVE. That's right!!! On one of his visits home, we decided to move from the top on the hill to the bottom of the hill. Of course he had to go back and I was dealt with the move, by myself. Although he did come back to paint the house but I did everything else...of course I did have some help. After the move which was quick, I think 10 days. I flew to Texas with Sandy, Heather, Brock, Stephanie, Juan and my mom for my uncle and aunts wedding anniversary. Which was a blast!

The world biggest wind chime

The Schlitterbahn
Juan having fun with an ice cream cart we found
The masquerade party
Hernandez cousins

Then right when I got home, I flew back out this time to Carson City for Craig's graduation.

It was good having him back home, especially for the major holidays and birthdays.


I am really bad at blogging. I think it has been over a year since my last post. As most of you know a lot has happened. I will break this up so it is not too much. Back in January 2011, Craig was offered a job as a LE Park Ranger in the Valley of Fire. With an extensive background and several tests, Craig was hired in March. As part of being hired, one of the job requirements was to live at the park. So now the Valley of Fire is our new home and we have a lakeside view.

At the top of the hill!

We moved our family here in May. Our neighborhood consist of 5 homes, 4 in which are rangers and 1 as the regional mechanic. We love our cute neighborhood. The kids love it out here. They're always going outside and exploring, taking hikes on the hill behind us, collecting rocks and sticks, finding all kinds of animals, birds and bugs. So far we have seen: snakes, lizards, roadrunners, eagles, coyotes, big horn sheep, random cats, ground squirrels (which I can't stand), rabbits, quail, mice and many more. I tell the kids
all the time, they have the biggest backyard.

The hill behind our house that the kids nicknamed Volcano Rock

A stick they found.