Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Ahhh....I can't believe this month is almost done. A lot has been going on and I still have a lot to do. Bear with me as I try to recall everything in chronological order. OK...On Saturday December 5th we had our ward Christmas Party. It was a lot of fun and I know the kids enjoyed it. This year they did a Christmas breakfast with Santa. There were pancakes, different kinds of eggs and egg casseroles and milk. It was good. After breakfast we sang some Christmas carols and then good ole Santa Clause came. Santa told us, but mostly the children, the true meaning of Christmas. It was very good and whoever was Santa did a very good job. After the program all the children and some youth got their picture taken with Santa.
On Monday December the 8th we headed down to California. We decided to leave very early in the around 2am because honestly we didn't want to deal with the crying and stopping. But the good news is we made it. We spent a week down there and everyday there was something going on. You heard how we started the week...Ashley and stitches. Ya, fun! That evening we had our family Christmas celebration. Every year we start with an ornament exchange. 5 years ago we started a new tradition-just the girls. We do an ornament exchange and this year instead of just giving an ornament we decided to pick a theme which turned out to be Disney animals. Click here to see pictures on Heather's blog and who got who.
Also this year we decided to start a new tradition by doing a siblings & spouses gift exchange. It was a lot of fun! We decided not to do a set dollar amount but a minimum dollar amount, which I thought was a really good idea and to make things more interesting it was suppose to be a secret. But as it got closer I think we all have a pretty good idea who had who. Again to see picture Click here. But one correction Craig had Stephanie and I had Sandy.
I think with all the excitement with the gift exchange every one wanted every one else to open their gifts that every one got for each other. Here are a few picture but to see more Click here.

We got my dad a performance chip, something that goes on his truck to make it run more efficiently
Stephanie gave Craig a Kramer shirt
Sandy and the boys gave Kayla a new Princess Tiana coloring book with crayons and a Disney princess search and find book
Heather gave Austin a nice church outfit
Sandy gave all of us girls a beanie

Thursday night the 10th, my family, Heather, my mom and dad and for a little bit Sandy and her boys went bowling. We had two lanes the kids, Kayla, Austin, Ashley and me on one lane and Heather, my dad, my mom and Craig on the other. Its been a while since the family has gone bowling but I know everyone had a blast.

Craig helping Ashley
Craig and Austin waiting to see how many pins Austin will knock over
Kayla getting ready to bowl a strike
My dad helping Daniel
The gang
Before bowling I took Kayla to the Disney store in the mall. They were doing a Masquerade thing to make way for the new Disney Princess Tiana. They did story time and then had the kids make they own masks.
Stephanie helping Kayla

Friday afternoon, Kayla, Heather and I went and saw the Princess and the Frog in theaters. It was good and Kayla can't stop talking about it. Disney did a good job although some parts I thought were a little scary for children but overall I liked it.
And to end the week, Friday night Stephanie's boyfriend Juan got baptized. It was a very spiritual evening. There was a lot of family and friends to help support him. The missionaries gave the talks and Stephanie sang "His Hands". She did a very good job. I don't think there was a dry eye there.

Juan and Craig

Congratulations Juan and I know this is just the beginning.

Overall it was a good week, full of memories and fun. Now on to the next chapter.

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Erin, Danny, & Carson said...

Sounds like a great week. I wanted to talk with you more, but one of us was always chasing after a babe at the baptism. Thanks for all the cute clothes you bring Carson each trip. You have been a great blessing to our family, as I am sure you have saved us hundreds of dollars in clothes and shoes.
Merry Christmas