Sunday, August 9, 2009

More Fun at the Lake

My parents came to see us and of course we went to the lake, ya! It was a beautiful day, the water was perfect and every now and than we would get a nice breeze. I can't believe how much my kids really love the water and how well they tan. This is my favorite picture, we were on our way to the Narrows and I couldn't resist in taking this picture. Isn't it so funny!

In the Narrows we found this little cove and Craig, my dad and Austin - oh ya! thought it would be fun to cliff jump.
This is Craig
Dad ( Thinks he's 20 again!)

Austin (Trying to be like the big boys!)
That was fun! After spending a while here we try to find a beach so Kayla could play (she's a little scared and doesn't really trust the life jacket, that and she likes to be able to touch the ground.) This is the beach we stayed most of the day at.

Craig wake-boarded and my dad knee-boarded and I was the flag girl. That's alright, I just wanted to soak in those rays. After a few hours enjoying the beach and the water we decided to explore the new and different Lake Mead. On our exploration we discovered this little hidden, tucked away cove and found some big-horned sheep. The kids were amazed at seeing an animal they had never seen before. It was pretty cool!

It was a nice day at the lake and we all had a blast and we all got burnt. I'm still recovering from it. But seriously it was a lot of fun and I can't wait to go again-hopefully Heather and some of her friends will come up so we can go. But until next time!

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