Monday, August 17, 2009

Making Nick Jr Cupcakes

Kayla was watching a show on Friday and saw a things on how to make Ming-Ming Cupcakes. She asked me if we could make some, I had to go to the store anyways so I told her we would pick up a few extra things so we could make them. (If you or your kids want to make nick jr. character cupcakes Click Here.) First I went to the website and printed off a template. I let Kayla frost the cupcakes yellow and then I smoothed them all out. I cut all the templates parts out and Kayla added all the decorations-the eyes and goggles. It was pretty easy but cutting out the aviator hat was a little hard just because the candy would start to harden which made it a little more difficult to cut. Kayla and I had a lot of fun making them but I think she had more fun eating them.I told Kayla to put the M&M's down so you wouldn't see the M's but I guess she didn't listen.The finished cupcakes. I was going a make 12 of them but realized they were a lot of work so I only make 6. Kayla and Grandma Robinson (talk about Kayla having a fat face, oh while we all have a few pictures of them.)


Tibi said...

Haha how cute are those cupcakes! Those are adorable! :D

Connie said...

Wow- those are cute and they look just like Ming-Ming! My kids will be jealous!