Monday, June 8, 2009

Catalina Island

Craig and I went to Catalina Island for our 5th year anniversary. It was so much fun to have some peace and quiet and not have to worry about the kids.

Here is a picture of the boat we went on that took us to and from Catalina. The boat ride was about an hour long from Long Beach. For some reason I always thought Catalina was this small little island, well that is definitely not the case. Catalina actually has 2 ports on it. Two Harbors and Avalon-that's where we went.

The shopsOur Hotel La Paloma Las FloresAnother picture of the hotel. Our room in the top left oneWe took an undersea tour & this was boat we went on. It took us to Lover's Cove. This is the inside of the boat
The ocean floor is so beautiful. This is Lover's Cove. This Cove is preserve and no one can scuba dive, swim or snorkel here.One of the crew members would feed the fish on deck and all the fish would gather all around to feed. I swear there were hundreds of fish.The HarborThis is the Casino - a one screen theater. That day they were showing Pink Panther 2. (Craig and I were a little lost because we never saw the 1st Pink Panther.)After our tour we rented bikes for the rest of day. Golf carts and bikes are pretty much the only way of transportation on the island but their are a few cars and trucks. This is one of the trails we took.Me and my bike on one of the hardest trails on the island. We had our bikes for about 5 1/2 hours and went on 6 of they 7 trails, I thought I was going to die after this trail. But it was worth it.Craig and his bike Some of the views from the top of the mountainThe Pier.
At the beginning of the pier there is a clothing shop named Yoshi, but I forgot to take a picture of it.Catalina was so beautiful and had a totally different smell, a smell I can't describe-it was so clean and so pure, I could smell the flowers that were 20 feet away from me, the ocean had a smell I have never smelled before and that's how the whole island was. Maybe because there was no pollution, I don't know. But I do know that more than 88% of the island is protected for the wildlife. This is definitely a place to visit again.


Connie said...

Looks awesome. Glad you had such a great time!

Michaela said...

looks like it was a lot of fun! i didn't know the island was so big.

Yvette said...

Nana,the pictures are really nice and the water looks so blue, maybe will go there next time, yeah without kids.

Camie said...

I'll have to keep that in mind for a future get away!