Wednesday, May 27, 2009

72 Hour Kit (Top 10 List)

We know that getting started on a 72 hour kit can be a daunting task, so here is a list (in order) of the top ten things you should have in your 72 hour kit.

* Container (Backpack, rolling duffel bag, rubbermaid container, etc)
* Water (for 72 hours)
* Food/Medication/Can Opener (special consideration for infants/pets)
* Scriptures
* Money
* Vital Info/Documents
* AM/FM Radio/Batteries
* Flashlight/Batteries
* First Aid Kit/Sanitary Supplies
* Change of Clothing/Wet Wipes

A container is listed first, so that as you collect supplies you will have a designated place for everything.

Here are some other websites to get you started and motivated!

* FEMA (Are You Ready?)
* FEMA (Basic Disaster Supplies)
* Lou & Lou Safety Patrol (Watch the video "Get Ready, Get Set, Emergency")

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