Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I got this new can sealer, so I can, can my food storage whenever I want at home. Today I needed to finish my sugar so I decided to take a few pictures to show everyone how I do it. First I get myself organized and gather all the proper items I will need to can.
Then I get my #10 can and line it with a plastic bag, then pour 6LBS on sugar inside each can, then measure. I measure everything because I have a computer program that calculates my food storage for me, but I do need to know how much everything weighs. Its actually a really cool program. I have a basic and an advanced version, so if anyone would like a copy of it just let my know and I can email it to you or maybe I can try to put it on my blog site.
After I weigh everything, I label my cans (I put my labels upside down for a reason), its so when I finish sealing the can the pressure of the product will help ensure the seal and knowing if its a good seal or not. I know there are other reasons as well but I can't think of them at the time.Well, that pretty much does it. Then I box them, label them and put them on the shelve. And then I'm that much closer to getting my year supply of food storage. I actually really, really close to having it and it definitely brings Craig and I much peace knowing that we have it.

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Vicki said...

Wow! Good for you. Where did you get the sealer? I need one of those.